The Momentum Creative Washington Reid Gallery and adjoining Washington Place Adult Day Program support a vigorous community of working artists with a variety of developmental challenges such as autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome, whose perspective is vital within the contemporary art world. Director of Innovation and Growth, Stephani Anderson, is the visionary and driving force behind the Washington Reid Gallery. In collaboration with the artists and advocates of the program, the gallery space was carved out in 2011 as a venue for creativity and self-expression within the burgeoning Culver City Art District. An innovative and exceptional team continues her vision for the gallery and the development of new platforms for artists, particularly those with extraordinarily unique methods. Curatorial & Adaptive Design Manager, Aragna Ker, partners with each artist to structure their personal practice and empower authentic self-expression. Many of the distinctive processes utilized by featured artists are enabled by original art tools designed and fabricated in-studio to optimize individual dexterity and control. A mantra amongst artists in the studio is that creative expression is not bound by physicality; rather, it is defined by the will to innovate.

The Washington Reid Gallery has helped to launch the careers of over 100 Momentum artists-in-residence and has become a vibrant fine art gallery on Washington Boulevard, in the heart of Los Angeles. In addition to the artists based locally, we support a growing network of artists supported throughout the five counties served by Momentum (Formerly UCPLA). The perspective and process of this intrepid artists’ collective are both vital and unique within the contemporary art world. We offer mentorship and technical support in a range of studio practices; our core is mark-making in all forms, with an emphasis on drawing, painting, photography, creative writing, 3D printing, and digital media. Our studio spaces are influenced by the diverse communities of Southern California, evolving with the vibrant dialogue of art and culture. Works from each professional artist represented are for sale; partial portfolios may be viewed through the website. Complete portfolios and additional projects may be reviewed upon request. Please contact Aragna Ker at wrg@momentum4all.org.