Los Angeles

Adam Berger is an abstract artist who uses a unique technique of rubbing Prisma sticks across the surface of a large piece of paper utilizing his specially designed drawing tools. These tools include a four-pointed device in an "X" arrangement with a Prisma stick inserted into the end of each point and a box-like object designed with a circle cut out of the center, within which Berger creates dizzying abstract circular patterns. The resulting meditative, mysterious drawings take weeks to accomplish; once complete, the viewer is compelled to try and follow the circular trail that Berger has mapped. The layered delicacy of the Prisma circles appear to fall into one another, dusty and ancient. Berger’s transcendental work is evocative of looking into a pool of water or a foggy, full moon.

Adam Berger is originally from Canada and has been making art since 2012.