Los Angeles

Beatrice Olea is a fearless painter and photographer who uses her passions and experiences as mediums within her artwork. She uses an adaptive head tool that allows her to both paint and begin to learn how to control a camera on her own. Since learning to control this tool, she has established herself as a successful multimedia studio artist and has never looked back to shoot photographs. She has indicated that moving paint on canvas allows her to process and unleash the emotions and ideas she would otherwise store up in her mind. Olea has become known for her charismatic animal and wildlife portraiture. Her bold colors and thoughtful markings blend the line between representational and abstract work, resulting in a unique style that has both qualities. Olea’s kinship to animals stems from her experiences feeling caged within her body. She expresses that is inspired by seeing photos and videos of animals in the wild, moving freely. Likewise, she appreciates the humility and authenticity of animals and feels they are a good representation of herself.

Olea is also inspired by adventure and dreams of the opportunity to travel widely. Her photography and videography convey her fascination with travelling and the freedom of mobility. Olea’s engaging and dynamic personality translates into her visual work; the response and willingness of her live subjects to participate is a direct indicator. When shooting landscapes and stills, the sense of composition conveys a warmth and richness that transports the viewer to a time and place of Olea’s choosing. Her composition is clean and classic; however, her stylized perspective makes every view unique. Olea has revolutionized her skills as an artist with the use of a GoPro—the device has become an extension of herself. She also enjoys utilizing a DSLR with an adaptive switch to trigger the shutter as she shoots and frames her still work.

Beatrice Olea is from South Central Los Angeles, California, and has been making art in various forms since 1998.