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Los Angeles

Chris Brown is a celebrated student of life, attributing his success as an artist to the lessons he continues to learn over the years. He attended the Desert Sun School and was profoundly influenced by his color-blind art teacher who introduced him to the works of Piet Mondrian, an artist who worked largely by intuition. Brown was intrigued by Mondrian’s evolution from a figurative painter to a largely abstract, geometric style and his influence as a theoretician and philosopher. Later, as a graduate of Long Beach State with a dual major in Speech Communication and Psychology, Brown continued his own personal studies into the music of the 60's, the social influences of popular culture, and representative realism theories of Timothy Leary. 

Brown credits visual art with being a critical process for synthesizing life in the eye of the beholder and has grown his studio practice within the last decade. With a bold style that can be marked by intricately detailed geometric mandalas or stirring statements scrawled loudly across a canvas, Brown’s pieces are an extension of his thinking. Utilizing markers and acrylic paint primarily, he enjoys challenging himself to communicate in new styles, experimenting with various sizes, shapes, mediums, and processes. To his credit, growth has come through this progression of sharing himself through his visual art. To quote Brown, “Don’t let fear stop you from love. My drive is my outcome. Every day I deal with pain, I focus on what has transcended, in order for myself to transcend.”

Chris Brown is from California and has been creating art since 1998.