Los Angeles

Coby Bulnes is an abstract artist who creates beautiful, delicate works on paper using Prisma sticks with her specially designed drawing tool developed onsite using a customized 3D printer. Her tool looks like a hard-plastic ball that's been chopped in half. A series of small holes are in the bottom of this half-ball so that an array of Prisma sticks can be inserted into them. Bulnes also uses a rectangular PVC pipe frame device about 2 feet by 1 foot for her work in the art studio. A piece of drawing paper is placed on Bulnes's desktop surface, and the PVC frame is placed on top of the paper. This frame creates a barrier leaving an empty field for Bulnes to draw within, tailor-made for her unique range of motion. Bulnes works methodically, and over time her one of a kind gestural marks build up on the paper, creating an abstract airy field of elegant, dancing line work and color.

Coby Bulnes is originally from Mexico and has been making art since 2012.