Los Angeles

The first thing you notice in Britney Joiner's extraordinary abstractions is their strong sense of structure. Though spontaneous and gesturally automatic in their complex web of linework, upon close examination, Joiner's compositions are remarkably built up as if in a grid-like matrix. In one of her masterpieces, gestural marks in vivid maroon and green rendered in colored marker vertically cascade down the picture plane as scuffs and scumbles of dusty pinks and violets wisp their way across horizontally, enhancing the vague, but definite sense of an intersecting framework. Clusters of deep blue and red gather into narrow oblong blobs that seem to nest comfortably within plateaus in this framework, creating further zones of visual interest. Deeply personal and one of kind, Joiner's work is noteworthy for being a window onto her complex process of image making in addition to their emotional resonance.