Los Angeles

Abstract artist Caitlin Romeo creates visually arresting abstract drawings. Working automatically with colored markers on white drawing paper, Romeo's drawings are comprised of minute dots and dashes, at times visually suggesting an up-close rendering of someone's thumbprint, as well as a starry sky in the middle of a clear night. Though the effect of any given piece is unquestionably expressive and colorful, the originality of Romeo's work lies in the quietness and subtlety of her signature linework. Her compositions are more like a calming breeze or a reassuring breath than a boastful yell from a mountaintop. Romeo is methodical in her process. However spontaneous her mark making appears, the buildup over time of those marks is what is key to a finished work. Romeo's pictorial uniqueness is as thoughtful as it is seemingly effortless its freeform, layered spontaneity.