Los Angeles

The spectral bands of color produced by the split light from a prism are the basis for Craig Mayer's astounding abstract drawings. Though nonfigurative, Mayer's work is paradoxically not nonrepresentational; the colors of gradient within the spectrum are a rainbow, and Mayer consciously uses the international symbol of the rainbow as an integral part of his artistic vision. Working in layers, Mayer's art does not happen all at once, even though the stages of process may happen spontaneously. Sheets of applied color marker are applied over time producing a draping effect. As the stages progress, the layers become more complex, overlapping in a multitude a visually spectacular phenomena, sometimes resembling stalks of colored wheat. You get the feeling as you view one of Mayer's finished pieces that you are seeing the work being made right before you, as if looking over his shoulder. As Mayer's work grows and progresses, he himself, is also growing as a person and artist, forging his own path towards further artistic possibilities.