Ara Bezjian

Los Angeles

Ara Bezjian is an accomplished visual artist who draws from his imagination to create deeply personal works about his life and body. Each one of his elaborate biographical pieces contains a tremendous amount of conceptual information. His complex ideas are articulated through automatic drawing and stylized figuration. He doesn't use reference material or photographs for inspiration; all his art derives from his own imaginative inner world. This gives his work a uniqueness and originality that sets it apart from others. Every form, every color, every line, every squiggle stands for something specific, even when it's rendered abstractly, having to do with the challenges Bezjian encounters in his everyday life as well as the physical and health issues that are going on with his body. Bezjian's imagination and conceptual articulation of what he's representing through line, form, and color is a unique and wonderful presence in the art studio and the community. Likewise, the sincerity and commitment he brings to his art practice is an inspiration.