Los Angeles

For figurative artist Karen Miller, the act of artistic expression is a profound act of healing meditation. It not only allows her to communicate her immediate feelings, but it also allows her to work through complex emotions in a restorative manner, creating visually energetic paintings in the process. Working figuratively, Miller specializes in people and landscapes done in a spirited, expressionistic style. Warm crimsons and sunny yellows juxtaposed against deep, electric blues are to be found throughout the abundantly bright world of her rich body of work. Color and light take on a personal significance as she explores and visually translates her inner feelings upon her compositions. Working automatically and spontaneously, Miller just lets her hand guide her creative journey as shapes and color flow out directly from her vivid imagination. However, gripping her use of color most certainly is, the fundamentals of drawing and graphic mark making are just as key to Miller's method. Lines jitter, dance, break apart, reform, and zip around, never sitting still, generating suggestions of fully formed people and landscape elements. Animated by energy rather than rooted in one place, the components of Miller's paintings are rendered much like how the mind actually functions. Though deeply personal, Miller's world is not hidden, nor quiet. It is right there on the picture plane, blazing generously in living color for us all to behold.

Karen Miller was born in Los Angeles, California . She has been making art since .