Los Angeles

Gorgeous blobs, explosive linework, zany tangles, and eyepopping color are the stars of Brian Cecelones's fun-filled, carnival-like abstract drawings. Though completely abstract in visual nature, Cecelones's work is definitely not remote or obscure. His spontaneous compositions are joyous shouts rather than introverted whispers. Witnessing his one-of-a-kind world, one senses that his work is beyond worldly definition and is intended to be experienced rather than be conventionally analyzed. His drawings feel like both a relief and a surprise: a release from the tethers of intellectual dissection. They are an explosion, and however abstract they most certainly are, the sensation of landscape is undeniable. This is enhanced by his works' horizontal visual orientation. The white of the drawing paper showing through the gaps of his mark making suggests air, his use of green the land, and the deep ultramarine trigger poetic reminders of the sky, and sometimes the sea. But his work also has the remarkable quality in that though it looks like landscape, the pieces themselves somehow function remarkably well from any angle. Up and down are mere variables. Cecolones's compositions could work in weightlessness, further demonstrating the effortlessness of his unique mark making and compositional arrangement.