Los Angeles

Derrick Gordon primarily works with a graphite stick or pens which he utilizes to create abstract visual environments and forms. In Gordon’s work, the viewer is quickly made aware of the pointed physical effort, energy, and personal intention that he pours into every piece of art. Each mark—all of which are typically under an inch in length—is individual. In areas where color or graphite becomes more solid, the careful eye can see that it is the result of many individual lines layered close together and slowly overlapping. Gordon’s patience and tenacity are illustrated in the groupings of thousands of marks on every page. He utilizes a palm grip tool at varying speeds to create his meticulously layered abstract pieces.

Physically, Gordon has an exceptionally strong upper body and has a limited range of motion and control, so his deliberate movements are forceful. In addition to the powerful lines he creates, many graphite sticks and pencils are sacrificed and broken throughout his art making process; the remnants of these tools will often pop up in his telltale finished works. 

Derrick Gordon is from Inglewood, California, and has been making art since 2012.