Los Angeles

Eric Santamaria’s kinetic artwork captures moments in time—sometimes as he rocks out to his favorite music and other times as he reacts and responds to those around him. Every portion of his large spatial landscapes tells a story, illustrated in color and motion. Santamaria’s art is a true extension of himself that demonstrates his feelings, movement, and physiology. Santamaria utilizes full body motion with adaptive art tools—such as brushes or pens—attached to the bottom of his chair. The motion of rocking back and forth in his chair provides consistent, linear markings that distinguish his work. Variations in size, shape, and opacity of marks are complemented by organic splatters of color. The resulting bold patterns draw the eye from one area of the piece to another, until the viewer has explored every inch, mark by mark.

Santamaria’s attitude and movement are recorded in paint and ink on paper. His outlook on the day and his emotions towards his past and present are recorded in ink and paint, tire tracks, and debris picked up by his wheels. These elements coalesce to complete Santamaria’s distinctive style.


Eric Santamaria was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and has been making art since 2010.