Los Angeles

German Lopez likes to take lines for walks. With his unique range of motion and a specially designed adaptive art making tool to help him grip a drawing pencil or a paint brush, Lopez approaches a new piece with unabashed energy and enthusiasm. There’s no time for hesitation and no need to overthink—he just takes off, in flight. There’s a choreography Lopez is practicing, but only he knows the moves. The result of these seamless and hyper drawing sessions is a jittery, energized, playful, and joyous composition that explodes across the paper.


Packed with gestural squiggles, zips, blips, and zings, which when studied closer, reveal themselves to be specific shapes and objects representing the things Lopez loves most in the world: baseball, animals, and even Chucky from Child’s Play. Once the elaborate drawing is complete, he begins an equally high energy process of applying color, typically working with acrylic paint. Lopez’s work is typically small in scale though large and expansive in vision.

German Lopez has been making art since 2018.