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Los Angeles

Jonna Wilkins's art espouses her concepts of beauty, hope, and freedom. Her vivid images of flowers, rainbows, and lush landscapes convey the hope and spirit that she brings to everyone she meets. Her love and respect of folklore inspires her to celebrate the potential found in the world and to act in gratitude. As she frames a shot or sketches the perspective for a landscape, she seems to be looking through a lens of discovery and appreciation, whether the subject is a tree she has passed every day on the way to the studio or a concept she has studied in a series of artworks. For example, she uses the many interpretations of rainbows to examine cultural concepts of belief, hardship, luck, wealth, and possibility.

Wilkins works in many mediums, focusing most time and attention to the disciplines of painting and photography. She describes her work as autobiographical, choosing to paint and photograph the natural world around her because it is so close to her heart. The artist relates to the precious and transitory nature of life and seeks to document the magic she sees in the everyday world, knowing it is fleeting. She points out the fact that every being has both abilities and challenges to live with and that a life is best lived with the acknowledgement of how these characteristics make us unique. In this way, Krall Wilkins always seems to regard what she can learn from each conversation, experience, and person she encounters.

Jonna Wilkins is from Encino, California, and has been making art since 2015.