Los Angeles

Joyand “Jojo” Davis is a figurative artist with a unique point of view and process. Though Davis works figuratively, he always brings an imaginative stylization to the rendering of his subjects. For example, if inspired to paint a lion, Davis’s lion will look far more fantastical and mythical than anything in the wild. Working from reference photos he gathers from internet research, Davis doesn’t merely copy the photograph, he redefines it. Beginning in pencil, he meticulously composes the figure on paper. Next, he outlines the form in black ink, giving it a graphic vividness. Finally, Davis begins the painstaking color process which often takes many days to fully realize. The completed work is dazzling in its reimagining of the original form and the complexity of color choices; it's another entry in Davis’s new mythology.

Joyand Davis is from California and has been making art since 2011.