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Transcending Boundaries

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                RAVEN McCORMICK

                                                             Transcending Boundaries: Reactive, Reactive Voice

                                                                                      J C Ornelas


            Life as we know it is different, and OUR usual “norm,” and the forms we utilize to express and communicate have also changed. This shift and restructured social landscape have altered our sense of engagement with others. Video communications and cloud platforms, for video and audio conferencing, have become common practice in the everyday, due to the current pandemic. These methods of communication blur the line between two compartments, the creative expression in the workplace and that of the home.


            Our artists engage in exchanges that are physically distanced through various screens. Though the experience of each session is quick and perhaps short-lived, the results of the experience are self-sustaining and impactful; an impact that is visible in the work, both in composition and narrative aspects, as well as in their sense of completion.


            These compositions consist of compiled imagery, illustrated as a reactive response to the subject matter and topics of conversation that are presented during each session. Artists complete their experience by communicating and elaborating on their approach and the particular choices they have made within their composition.


            As the viewer and listener, we experience and become witness to this idiomatic dialogue.



Raven McCormick


The mind of an artist and their expression

May be as deep as an ocean

The bohemian atmosphere of an artists’ work

Helps express this depth.


Everyone has the ability to create without discrimination.


Artists are able to portray their beliefs

And the trials of their mind


Some artists’ prefer a vivacious approach,

And that is never an issue.


They may express an air of spring flowers,

A bouquet of different personalities

And with each, a stronger fragrance


Colors painted into different expressions of art.


Drawings, writing the test of time;


Flowing, into a different dimension of work.


Since there is no need for censorship amongst us,

Every one transcends their expectations.

Students whom have hearing conditions,

or a different form of communication

Are able to have the opportunity to project their ideas with ease.


We understand each other.


We have a creative space,

As vast as the sky,

And each person is able to shine.


Each individual talent,

Like a bright star in a creative space, 

Expands in a universal galaxy of talent.


The experience of each person,

With their caretakers and family members helping them,

Can roam in freedom

Creating their individualism;

Not being a drone,

But creating patterns and masterpieces

From the feedback of their home

Poem by Raven McCormick

Edited by Raven McCormick & JC Ornelas