Los Angeles

Julianne Huang is an inspired multi-media artist who continues to explore new materials and mediums. A gifted painter at heart, Huang considers her emerging body of work to focus on more Modern and Contemporary influences; finding great joy and motivation in creating layered images that incorporate everything from chalks and yarn to buttons and beads. Marrying together her classical painting skills and understanding of technique, Huang masterfully creates works of increasing depth and dimension by adding texture that pushes the visual balance of the work forward—masterfully blurring the lines between realism, illustration, collage, and sculpture.

Huang credits the experience of COVID-19 Quarantine with influencing her creativity and challenging her to make art without the fear of what it could, should, or might be. Working every day, she embraces the opportunity to try new combinations of materials and subject matter. Likening her growth as an artist to her experiences in life, she thoughtfully reminds all to face obstacles head on and conquer them. Building on and trusting her artistic skills, she works quickly and with purpose to exercise her creative inclinations and curiosity about what she might create next.

Huang is by nature a positive person who loves color and radiates charm. Her affinity for bold and buoyant palettes compliments the natural images she often chooses to create. The addition of texture as a means of increasing visual depth also emote a playful love and enthusiasm for the world around her. Huang shares with the viewer the perspective, sensation, and feelings she seems to experience while making her work, and the overarching joy jumps out, across dimension, just like her materials.

With her passion and tireless work ethic, it is thrilling to follow Huang wherever she is headed. She has hit a stride in her work, and we anticipate amazing experimentation and creation to follow in 2021.

Julianne Huang was born in Van Nuys, CA and has been making work for over 20 years.