Los Angeles

Karen Veronica Taylor is a versatile visual artist whose point of view embraces history and nostalgia as much as it does pop culture. Taylor utilizes and creates iconic imagery in a variety of mediums, including elaborate pencil drawings, bright marker and Prisma illustrations, and digital photo editing. Known extensively for her series of footwear, a beloved subject that she continues to revisit time and again, Taylor’s sense of placement and design is bold and eye-catching. Each unique piece of work that Taylor creates is a visual vignette of the narrative of her life. The volume and moxie with which she lives translates into the soulful images she produces, at once celebrating modernity while paying image to the history and evolution that comprises everything. Taylor has worked with her hands for most of her artistic career; however, she taught herself to use an adaptive head tool to continue her work when she experienced increasing issues with motor control of her hands over the last few years.

Karen Veronica Taylor is from California and has been making art since 1990.