Los Angeles

Lililana Hernandez loves to paint large-scale representational pieces with bright colors, especially pink. Many of the paintings and portraits Hernandez creates feature animals, people, or flowers. She loves to capture what she considers to be things of beauty. Hernandez also works in Photoshop to explore subjects and gain greater visual depth. She often finds images on the internet and then creates new interpretations in her impressionistic style. 

Hernandez is also an avid photographer and videographer. With the use of an adaptive switch and a camera or GoPro attached to her wheelchair, she is often out in the community shooting photos and footage of her environment and the people and creatures that are intriguing to her. Hernandez has also worked as an event photographer and has a natural ability to shoot spirited and candid photos that tell the story of an event or celebration.

Lililana Hernandez is from El Salvador and has been making art since 1998.