Los Angeles

Natividad Arroyo creates a wondrous, surreal fairytale world born from a boundless imagination. Astonishing in its vision, remarkable in its realization, you have never seen anything quite like Arroyo's magical universe, except perhaps, in the realms of vivid dreaming. Objects are objects in her work, but those objects quickly become other objects just as real as the forms just glimpsed. The side of a woman's face reveals itself in the next moment to be the stems of a flower in a meadow. Her nose suddenly is not a nose anymore, but a butterfly. Her lips, now a buttercup. Sometimes these alchemical transformations are created form the materials themselves. A simple cottage on a warm spring day unveils itself to be rendered in collaged glory to be made from the tactile comfort of colored felt. The effects of the materials transformed into the objects which inhabit Arroyo's remarkable tableaux are a feast for the eyes and a dazzling display for our daydreaming pleasure. 

Natividad Arroyo was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She has been making art since 2020.