Los Angeles

Nicholas Canales has been a practicing artist for most of his life. Canales spends his time writing poetry, researching South American wildlife, and drawing and painting mythic illustrations of the natural world. He has long been fascinated with origin stories and the oral history of places, particularly as they tell the tales of native creatures over time. Canales is known for his incredibly detailed illustrations which are often laid out in a highly organized, carefully patterned, quilted blueprint that depicts the relationship between animals and their environment. He utilizes vibrant colors, geometric shapes and patterns derivative of native tribal designs, and prolific animal drawings to convey the lore that he has read and associates with places that intrigue him. Primarily working with colored pencils, Canales can spend anywhere from six to nine months on a singular piece of artwork. He has made the leap to painting with acrylics and has developed a new sort of momentum in creating these vivid illustrations and odes to nature. A gifted raconteur, Canales loves to share stories and create dialogue amongst people. His love of nature connects back to his close-knit family, Latin roots, and cultural identity.

Nicholas Canales is from Palm Springs, California, and has been making art since 1990.