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Los Angeles

Renzo Centeno is an energetic artist who carries the spirit of a superhero in every piece of work he creates. His love and respect of heroic tales is always apparent in his drawings, paintings, photographs, and graphic designs on Photoshop. Centeno’s work is achieved with a few specialized “superhero” environmental adaptations and his own personal grip tool given his range of motion and positioning in his wheelchair. As he is most  comfortable in a reclined position, the tools and surfaces Centeno works with need to adapt to the angle he can best grip, control, and see; this is on his left side raised at approximately 45 degrees so that he can make contact with the surface and control his medium. Centeno’s marks are quick, powerful, and short bursts; the patience and intention with which he applies hundreds of strokes is pure craftsmanship.

Renzo Centeno is originally from Peru and has been making art since 2013.