Los Angeles

Shani Amar is an abstract artist who creates expressive, weblike compositions which dazzle the eye with their quiet complexity. Where most expressionistic abstract artists suggest the spontaneous power of a gesture in a burst of explosive sudden energy, Amar evokes something quite different in her singular marks. Her gestural imagery is about time, trusting the patience of the slow build-up of color and line. The magic and precious slowness of her process gradually evolves over weeks and months, coursing towards a measured whole, much like a spider weaving her web over the span of a long night or the aggregate of billions of tiny pebbles being worn down into grains of sand to make a beach. Colorful yet subdued, subtle yet bold, Amar’s work falls somewhere between the delicate playfulness of Paul Klee’s nature inspired work and Mark Rothko’s monolithic mysticism while still being unmistakably her own.

Shani Amar is from California and has been making art since 1990.