Los Angeles

Shelby Boston incorporates an appreciation of nature and the vibrant world around her with her artwork. Her use of color seems to be a study in the way different hues and combinations can impact emotion. Her bucolic colorscapes evoke a sense of quiet tranquility. Layering gentle, fluid strokes, Boston creates a kinetic symphony of color, reminiscent of a slow kaleidoscope, seamlessly blending one pattern into another.

Looking deep within, like a close-up of a Paul Cézanne painting, hiding its true composition, Boston reimagines the sight, smell, taste, sound, and emotion of the world around her and provides us this glimpse from her perspective. She utilizes an adaptive hand grip tool in a side-swipe motion to apply watercolor inks and acrylic paint to her layered and colorful abstract work. 

Shelby Boston has been making art since 2012.