Los Angeles

The abstract works of Silva Demirjian are sublime investigations into color and movement. Dense in layering, yet somehow exquisitely delicate, dark/light, heaviness/weightlessness come together in metaphysical swirls of extravagant color and explosions of expressive brush work. Despite the seeming spontaneity of Demirjian's paintings, they are an accumulation of many layers of carefully applied color which she builds up over time. Eventually, when Demirjian's layering has reached the perfect state and her disciplined sensibility thinks it is just right, a piece is finished. The resulting image is astonishing for the viewers to set their eyes upon. The effect of her paintings is both impressionistic and expressionistic, proof of Demirjian's abundant creativity, and of her maverick insights into color and form. 

Demirjian's life experiences have influenced her creative process. The force and energy she exuded comes through from her inner frustration. As an artist, she is inspired by the works of Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Art has given Demirjian her sense of purpose of being alive and most of all the freedom to expression and capture her inner emotions. 

Silva Demirjian was born in New York and has been making art since 2002.