Los Angeles

Steve Remington makes the unseen seeable. His work is rooted in the fundamentals of drawing where line and form are used to grow a composition from the ground up. The creative soil from which a new work springs is supplied with vital nutrients from Remington’s boundless imagination and experiences. Drawing is the skeleton of his artistic practice, and color (watercolor, colored marker, and acrylic paint) is the flesh and muscle of his given composition. His chosen subject matter dives deep into the creepy, lurid world of urban legends, alien abductions, conspiracy theory, and paranormal phenomena. Muses such as Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, and UFOs bountifully populate Remington’s seemingly endless compendium of oddities. At times, he creates strangely playful tableaus depicting primal encounters with actual wild animals, casting them that are in a light as spooky and enchanting as his occult work. The specimens in these works—while based on their living biological counterparts—are transformed into something more fantastic with through his imagination. Quite like top secret photographic evidence which nefarious government agencies don’t want the public to know exist, Remington’s menagerie of supernatural activity and bizarre creatures fulfill an eerie and majestic realism that haunts us as much as it delights us, inspiring a desire for the impossible to be possible.

Steve Remington is from Texas and has been making art since 2011.