Los Angeles

Sylvia Drzewiecki is an artist and a curator at the Washington Reid Gallery at UCPLA. She refers to herself as "handicapable" which is a term she coined herself--stemming from the idea that we are all capable, no matter what challenges we face and that we all have the capacity to go far. She utilizes a custom double grip hand tool in the studio.

Drzewiecki is very interested in travel and the concept of "going far.” She has elected to make travel the theme of her most recent curatorial project in an exhibition called, "Travel Imagery." Drzewiecki opted to include one of her preferred mediums—digital art—as an anchor for this show. Perhaps her most well recognized image to date, "Grand Canyon," is an epic demonstration of the skill and vision she demonstrates in this format. This piece was revered at the exhibition and has inspired Drzewiecki to continue the series. She states that she created this piece to transport her to a place that she's never been. 

Drzewiecki is also known for creating drawings and paintings on plexiglass, which are often framed and lit with small LED lights. The subject matter represented in these light boxes range from birds, to landscapes, to portraits including the fantastic Ms. Rosa Parks. There is an impressionistic style in her drawings that demonstrates the fragility and beauty she sees in the world. Regardless of the selected focal point, Drzewiecki’s sense of connection to her subject is what is most prevalent in her work; each piece seems to reveal a personal and emotional significance to the viewer that is unique to the artist. 

Sylvia Drzewiecki is originally from Indiana and has been making art since 1998.