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Los Angeles

Vanessa Ortiz’s art practice embodies the heart of the color field painters like Mark Rothko or Helen Frankenthaler using solid colors spread across a flat picture plane. She loves creating very thick and colorful paintings, bold with texture and vibrant paint strokes. Ortiz is known for creating vast, evocative planes of intersecting color in which she explores value and hue.

The depth of stroke and juxtaposition of her color selections seemingly creates movement on the canvas as the eye is drawn in different directions. One cannot help but try to imagine the sequence of her brush strokes and the inspiration to lay each color in response to the last. Ortiz is a gregarious person whose exuberance immediately engages people; thus, her paintings are an exceptional representation of her personality and spirit. Ortiz uses an adaptive hand grip tool that helps position and control her brush.

Vanessa Ortiz has been making art since 2008.