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Supplyframe DesignLab Presents: 

"Lily's Warhol Flowers" An installation by Lililana Hernandez

Lililana Hernandez is a visionary multimedia artist whose passion for floral forms in full bloom blossoms in the 3D space of DesignLab, curated by Majenta Strongheart. Based in the tradition of drawing and painting, and inspired by the physical act of graphic duplication and Andy Warhol’s concept of the variable possibilities of a mechanically repeated image, Lililana brings a unique approach to the modernist tradition of vivid flatness of shape and form-making. Using 3D printing and digital drawing and painting techniques of the computer as graphic strategies, Lililana creates her floral reveries from the ground up, fabricating physical colored flower pedals out of plastic which have been programmed by her for the 3D printer to make, like cookies coming from a fantastic fairytale bakery. These plastic forms are then arranged accordingly in an intelligent decorative manner in the open environment of the gallery, enhancing and enlivening the space in surprising and extraordinary new displays of expression.